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Fuel surcharges, June 2022

The bunker surcharge (BAF) is charged per ( l/m = commencing metre of unit type) on all Scandlines routes and adjusted according to latest developement of North European fuel oil prices and rate of exchange USD/EUR on a monthly base.

Fuel surcharges per l/m1 BAF2 GIR3 Energy sucharge4 Green surcharge4 Total per l/m

Scandlines routes
Puttgarden - Rødby v.v. 1,14 EUR 0,88 EUR - - 2,02 EUR
Rostock - Gedser v.v. 3,49 EUR 1,66 EUR - - 5,15 EUR

ForSea route
Helsingør - Helsingborg v.v. - - 0,94 EUR 0,29 EUR 1,34 EUR

Scandlines transit routes
Puttgarden - Helsingborg v.v. 1,14 EUR 0,88 EUR 0,94 EUR 0,29 EUR 3,25 EUR
Rostock - Helsingborg v.v. 3,49 EUR 1,66 EUR 0,94 EUR 0,29 EUR 6,38 EUR

1 l/m = per commencing meter, Minimum 7 meter

2 variable bunker surcharge (BAF). Monthly adjustment based on development of bunker cost and ROE USD/EUR.

3 GIR = Green Investment Rate. Fixed contribution to our shipping company`s Green Agenda on the way to zero emission ferries.

4 Helsingør - Helsingborg v.v. is operated by ForSea Helsingør ApS. All surcharges according to information from ForSea.